Denon DJ X1800 Prime


  • 4-Channel digital mixer with (4) phono/line switchable channels; (4) digital inputs for high-resolution audio mixing
  • Dual USB audio connections for software and audio devices
  • Crisp OLED screen for precise menu based adjustments
  • Dedicated sweep and BPM FX knobs – high-quality effects for each channel with a single knob turn
  • Expressive EQ – choose classic or isolation modes and an adjustable filter resonance control

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The Denon DJ X1800 Prime is a high-quality 4-channel digital mixer that interfaces seamlessly with SC5000 Prime players, bringing your DJ equipment setup to the next level. With it’s rugged metal construction and crisp OLED screen for precise menu based adjustments, the X1800 Prime is ready for anything you throw at it.

Each of the 4 channels come equipped with phono/line switch inputs, allowing you to connect any audio source from turntables all the way to cell phones and CD players. There are also four digital inputs for high-resolution audio mixing. No audio source is off limits! Each channel also includes dedicated Sweep and BPM FX knobs to make the mix your own.

When DJing a party, there is nothing that stops the fun quicker than when a DJ disconnects their computer from their controller or mixer after a set in order to have the next DJ connect and all of the music stops. With the X1800 Prime’s dual USB audio connection, 2 computers can be connected for an uninterrupted DJing experience, even when your set is finished and it’s time for the next DJ to rock the crowd.

When a mixer and two players just aren’t enough, the X1800 Prime has a LAN hub that is ready for up to four players or accessories to be connected. Impress your audience with a four-player setup, and use the equipment that compliments your skill level.

In a world where tons of DJ mixers look and seem to work the same, the Denon DJ X1800 Prime stands out and exceeds.

Weight 6.21 kg
Dimensions 35.814 x 32.004 x 9.144 cm


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