Klotz KIK Instrument Cable


  • Budget cable that’s easy to use and sounds great
  • Effective spiral shield
  • Extra-strong strain relief (> 200 Nm)
  • Ultra-flexible
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Our best-selling KIK Cable delivers everything a pro guitar (or keyboard) cable needs: reliability, ruggedness and great capacitance. The design confirms the status of the KIK series as high-quality cables at a budget price; the quality oxygen-free copper conductors (purity 99.95%) are enclosed by a lead-free PVC jacket, a conductive plastic shield and a highly efficient copper spiral shield to maximize the KIK’s flexibility. The solid strain relief element withstands forces of over 200 newton’s. All that, and good looks too; KIK Cables are available in a range of five colors (blue, red, green, yellow, pink). And the price? Incredible!


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