M-Audio USB Midisport Uno


  • Perfect for connecting a keyboard or controller to your computer
  • Installation is external, so no need to open the computer case
  • Powered by USB port, so no searching for a free power outlet
  • Upward Mobility – add as many USB Midisport interfaces to your computer as you have USB ports
  • Built-in USB cable and MIDI extension cables

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Our smallest and simplest USB MIDI interface, USB Uno offers basic 1 x 1 operation and bus-powered mobility—and even comes with it’s own built-in USB and MIDI cables. What could be simpler?

MIDI is the acronym for “Musical Instrument Digital Interface” and is the protocol used by MIDI keyboards and other devices (sound modules, sequencing software, virtual instruments, etc.) to communicate with each other.

Uno provides your computer with one MIDI input and one MIDI output port, each supporting 16 MIDI channels.

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