• 2-way active near-field monitor
  • 5 1/4 “speaker with magnetic shielding
  • 1 “silk dome tweeter
  • Frequency range: 55 Hz – 30 kHz
  • HF – Level: -6 ~ +6 dB Variable at 10 kHz
  • LF – Level: -6 ~ +6 dB Variable at 100 Hz
  • LF – Power Amplifier: 50 W
  • HF – power amplifier: 30 W
  • HF / LF signal: 90 dB / 95 dB
  • Input impedance 20 kΩ (balanced) / 10 kΩ (not balanced)
  • Input sensitivity + 4dB (balanced) / -10dBv (not balanced)
  • THD + N @ Nominal power HF / LF: 0.02% / 0.05%

A new player in the embedded studio monitors. Only environmentally friendly materials are used in the monitor. Has a 5 1/4 inch speaker and a 1 “tweeter. These monitors can be compared to the popular branded models of monitors. The body is made of MDF. For best acoustic performance is a huge work has been done by engineers. The design of the housing with six corners not only attractive, but also allows damp unwanted vibrations. MDF material ensures proper damping of vibrations from the driver, which can create distortion in the housing. The transformer is designed to reduce vibration, noise and leakage of magnetic th stream and electromagnetic interference. Input Connector IEC AC. tweeter is made using the pure silk of high quality and has a low resonance and high commutation capability. The woofer is used carbon fiber and ceramics. The housing has a magnetic shielding.


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