Monkey Banana GIBBON 5 (pair)


  • LF DRIVER : 5 1/4-inch magnetically shielded PP cone
  • HF DRIVER : 1-inch natural silk dome
  • Frequency Response : 48Hz – 22kHz
  • LF Amplifier – power : 45W
  • HF Amplifier – power : 35W
  • Input connectors : XLR / TRS / RCA Connectors
  • Crossover-Frequency : 3kHz

What is it?

The latest studio monitors by Monkey Gibbons, the Gibbon 5s, are powered by 2 amplifiers: 45 W driving the lows and 35 W for the highs. They come with an extensive array of connecting options by offering unbalanced (RCA) and balanced (TRS and XLR) connectors at the rear.

Who’s it for?

New producers working from a small home or bedroom setup.


The bright red shell of these monitors adds a dash of colour and personality to the studio.


The set packs a punch way above its price category by delivering surprisingly loud sounds.

The Upside

Decent price point. Great for monitoring at loud levels. Good looking. Decent stereo imaging when placed close to each other.

The Downside

Colouring in the high frequency spectrum. The lows are more pronounced than expected, but you’ll still need a subwoofer if you’re into bass-heavy music.

Final Call

If you’re not bothered by the slight colouring in some parts of the frequency spectrum, these monitors might be ideal for home use. However, there are other options to consider at this price range, such as the Mackie MR5 and the KRK Rockets.

Weight 5.9 kg
Dimensions 21.43 x 19 x 27.71 cm


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