• 10° Uphill-Base
  • Flat-Base
  • 5° Downhill-Base.
  • Stable pressure acoustic foam
  • 4 mm Heavy Metal: A steel plate provides a stable stand for monitors
  • The Monkey base is tested to 30 kg.


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The Monkey Banana Monkey Base Studio Monitor Pad comes with three differently inclined acoustic foams: The uphill, downhill and the flat base; thus the position of the monitor with a changing studio environment can easily any time to adapt to the changing listening conditions.

The Monkey Banana Monkey Base extremely rigid acoustic foam provides a 100% decoupling of studio monitor from the desktop and prevents slipping even at high listening levels.

On these acoustic foam our massive, 4mm thick steel plate is placed with non-slip mat made of polyurethane. On the pages of this steel plate there is a scale at which the monitor can be aligned precisely.

The Monkey Banana Monkey Base rounded front panel displays the Monkey Banana – Logo.

The Monkey Banana Monkey Base is allowed up to a maximum load of 30kg and is therefore ideally suited for the turbo seri

Dimensions 24.1 x 19 x 4.75 cm


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