Monkey Banana TURBO 5(pair)


  • LF Driver : 5 1/4-inch magnetically shielded PP ceramic cone
  • HF Driver : 1″ natural silk dome
  • Frequency Response : 55Hz – 30Hz
  • Crossover – Frequency : 30kHz
  • LF Amplifier – Power : 50W
  • HF Amplifier – Power : 20W
  • Input mode Select : Analog or Digital
  • Output Connectors : S/PDIF Thru connector for digital signal
  • Channel Select : Left or Right

The amount of near field monitors is vastly overwhelming for anyone who’s looking for a set of monitors. Especially in the price range of these Turbo 5 there are various different brands and models out there. Lately there seems to be an up rise of the models that are esthetically pleasing to the eye. To that regard the Turbo 5 stands out by its not typical square shape and availability to have them in yellow, red or black colors. The logo that lights up when powered on does look a bit odd though

These monitors are active and even bi-amped. In addition to the standard balanced analogue inputs, -6 to 6dB bass and treble potentio meters there are also digital inputs that can handle up to 24 bit 192kHz spdif. This means these speakers can be hooked up to a computer that has a on board spdif output. You can use the volume potentio meters at the back to control the maximum volume which comes in handy when using the digital inputs. You don’t see that many monitor speakers with these options.

The frequency range is from 55Hz to 30kHz with the crossover at 3kHz. This results in a fairly balanced sound and stereo image in regard to the competition.

Weight 5.9 kg
Dimensions 32.004 x 28.702 x 38.887 cm


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