Oyaide d+ NEO Class B RCA Cables, DUO


  • 24K Gold plated terminals
  • Designed for laptop DJ systems and CDJs
  • Reduces distortion and signal loss from MP3 audio files
  • Improve the sound image of digital DJ software like SERATO DJ and TRAKTOR

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The Neo D+ Class B RCA Cable Duo (2 x 1M) for optimal performance and colorful RCA cables designed by DJs for DJs.

Oyaide Electric is a Japanese based company that takes pride in manufacturing high-quality cables and components. The Neo D+ Class B RCA Cable series have been specially designed for DJs, using vital feedback from well-known artists and clubs. Simply connect your DJ mixer and favorite DJ equipment, such as CDJs or digital DJ systems with Neo D+ Class B RCA Cable series cables, and take advantage of the enhanced sound quality.

The Neo D+ Class B RCA Cable series helps to both improve and project the sound image of DJ software I/O’s such as Serato SCRATCH LIVE and Native Instrument’s TRAKTOR. MP3 files tend to emphasize noise and distortion, but the d+ RCA Cables combine important materials and factors such as its structure, conductor, insulator, shielding, outer sheath, and contacts, to help reduce distortion and signal loss and provide a smoother overall sound response.

Finally, the colorful green and white flat-style design of these Class B RCA cables not only makes a stylish first impression, but also makes them incredibly easy to spot in the crowded clutter of a booth or studio’s already existing mess of cables.


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