Neo d+ USB Class S Cable


  • USB 2.0 (hi-speed) compliant
  • Impedance matched construction for accurate data transmission and excellent stability
  • Double shielded structure protects signals from external noise contamination and electro-magnetic interference
  • TPE outer jacket
  • Class S connectors have rhodium over platinum plated bronze alloy contacts for durability and long term transmission stability
  • The body of the connectors are made of 30% glass filled PBT with an aluminum outer cover to reduce resonance. This helps to stabilize the clock operation for lossless sound recording and playback
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Now a number of club DJs are performing with their laptop computers using such as Serato Scratch Live or Native Instruments Traktor. For live performance, needless to say, the stability and sound quality is very important. And a poor-quality cable causes some fatal trouble such as the sound interruption or even the complete sound stop. Even though there might be perception that there is no sound difference by cable change under data transmission, we present there is definite difference by hi-quality cable and connector with d+ USB.

Especially, when an interface is driven by bus-powered, the significance of USB cable affects the stability of power supply and the accuracy of the audio clock. Neo/Oyaide designed the d+ USB cable aiming at providing the best environment to the DJs and artists who pursue the higher sound quality of their performance. With its excellent sound quality and stylish industrial design, the d+ USB will be the masterpiece for all professional creators such as DJs, musicians and sound engineers.


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