NEO d+RTS Class B


  • Long-term durability
  • Expressive sound productivity
  • High quality audio interconnect cable for all kind of profesionals
  • Structure: flat (inverted concentric structure)
  • Conductor: highly pure OFC (oxygen free copper) (0.18mm x 33)
  • Sheath: PVC
  • Insulator: polyolefin
  • Terminals: 24K gold-plated phosphor bronze
  • Body: PBT + glass fiber
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Used by artist’s such as Dubfire, Richie Hawtin and Carl Craig the d+ RCA series is specialized for DJs and designed according to feedbacks of DJs, Artists, and Clubs. By connecting between a DJ mixer and some DJ equipments such as CDJ, Traktor and Serato, you can get a huge advantage about the sound quality.

About the product planning for the d+ RCA series, Neo contemplated the best combination of important materials and factors such as its structure, conductor, insulator, shielding, outer sheath, and contact of plug.As a matter of course, for not only a data compressed file but also WAV, AIFF, and CD, it contributes to dissolve the stiffness and shallowness of digital sounds. In addition, its hi-definition playback property helps for making a good quality file recording for vinyl sound capturing.


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