Numark HF325


  • Studio-grade acoustics with stunning detail for DJ use
  • On-ear cups provide exceptional noise isolation and portability
  • Exceptional handling power for use with pro-grade mixers and controllers

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Hard working DJs require headphones for airtight performances. A quality set of headphones can be the difference between a good show and a great one. Our HF325 packs an incredible amount of sound quality into a compact, noise isolating design that won’t hog all of the space in your gig bag.


Frequency Response

The frequency response indicates the range of pitches the headphones can produce. Human hearing range is usually quoted at 20 Hz – 20kHz, with most music falling well within those bounds. With a closed operating principle and a solid low end frequency response, these headphones can handle a strong bass and would be great for listening to pop or rock music.
Magnet Material

This set of headphones produces sound with a neodymium magnet, a very strong commercial magnet, and the most common material for headphone speakers.
Diaphragm Size

Diaphragm diameter, or driver diameter, is another variable that affects the bass or treble output of the headphones. With a smaller than average diameter, the Numark HF325 is better geared for higher pitches than other on-ear headphones.

Weight is simply a user preference and metric of portability. It does not indicate higher quality headphones as some brands add unnecessary weight to their models. The Numark HF325 is on the heavier end for on-ear types with the average weighing in at 150.00 grams

3.5mm is the most common input for headphones and is what you see connecting with MP3 players, smartphones, and laptops.

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 7.62 x 17.78 x 18.288 cm