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The new Sennheiser HD7 have the same specs as their more expensive brother in the HD8, however are composed of more affordable materials giving users the ultimate choice to suit all budgets. The HD7 DJ are focused on the rhythm and beat matching that professionals DJs need.

Delivering a mid-low end emphasis, their sound remains tight throughout, with clarity retained in the high frequencies. Capable of very loud, high SPL, they are suitable for DJ performance environments, while their high noise isolation reduces the impact of maxing out the volume, for safer listening.

For easy, comfortable one-ear monitoring, both DJ models feature swivelling ear cups with up to 210° of movement and three different wearing positions to suit your individual preference.

The microphone delivers exceptional clarity, and provides a convenient headphone jack for low-latency monitoring. Totally intuitive, Ignite offers the fastest path for capturing your ideas and creating compelling audio tracks.


Dynamic, closed design

Exceptional sound quality

2 x Kevlar-coated cables (coiled and straight)

2 x ear pads (soft velour and leatherette)

Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 26.416 x 23.876 x 11.43 cm


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