Sennheiser HD 210


  • Delivers powerful, bass-driven sound for rhythm-driven music
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear with some swivel on the ear-pieces
  • Features smooth silver design and high-quality leatherette ear pads
  • Close-fitting for passive ambient noise reduction
  • Gold-plated 1/4 inch (6.3 mm) stereo jack adaptor

There are a lot of factors that determine the final sound quality of headphones. Although nothing beats trying them in person, these specs can offer some guidance.


Impedance and Sensitivity:

Impedance and sensitivity go hand in hand and represent the amount of power required to achieve a certain volume level. Lower impedance and higher sensitivities are better with lower power devices such as MP3 players or smartphones. The Sennheiser HD201 is one such headphone with a slightly lower than average impedance. As such, to avoid damage we do not recommend using it with an amp.
Frequency Response

A headphone’s frequency range represents the lowest and highest pitches that it can output. Human hearing range is usually quoted at 20 Hz – 20kHz, with most music falling well within those bounds. With a closed operating principle and a solid low end frequency response, these headphones can handle a strong bass and would be great for listening to pop or rock music.
Magnet Material

These headphones use a neodymium magnet which is the most common magnet material for headphones.

A headphone’s weight does not correlate to higher quality as some brands purposely add heavier parts. It’s only a matter of what feels better to the listener. So don’t be too quick to judge the Sennheiser HD201, which is one of the lightest over-ear headphones.

3.5mm is the most common input for headphones and is what you see connecting with MP3 players, smartphones, and laptops.