Sennheiser HD595


  • Open-Aire, circumaural, dynamic, stereo headphones
  • Highest grade components for outstanding acoustic performance.
  • Highly optimized, field-strengthened neodymium magnet systems.
  • Longevity through exchageable components, Frequency Response – 12Hz – 38,500Hz(-10dB/1kHz)
  • Lightweight aluminum voice coils for high efficiency and excellent dynamics

Sitting at the top end of Sennheiser’s HD5x5 series of audiophile-grade cans, the HD595s have a luxurious, high-tech feel about them and a style that is instantly recognisable as Sennheiser. The construction is typically robust, with the grey plastic and black mesh earcups attaching via a swivelling mount to the adjustable, leather-clad headband, which has been thoughtfully padded on the underneath for comfort.
In fact, thoughtful is a word that comes up a lot with the HD595s, particularly when you look at details like the reinforcement around the points where plugs, cables and earpads meet, or the supplied headphone rest you can mount on a shelf, beside table or book case, or the included 3.5mm to 1/4in adaptor you’ll need to plug the HD595s in to your PMP of choice. Most of all, a lot of thought seems to have gone into making the HD595s lightweight and very comfortable. They’re not quite as easy on the ears, physically speaking, as the Audio-Technicas or AKGs, but they’re very close.

Rated at 50Ωs, the Sennheisers aren’t as easy to drive with an MP3 player or PMP as the Grado ‘phones, but they don’t necessarily need amplification. They will, however, benefit from it. Overall, the HD595s exemplify positive qualities you might associate with Sennheiser: balance, clarity, and strong mid-range and high-end detail, but they also exemplify a couple of negative ones, namely what some see as a lack of bass and a slightly withdrawn, disengaged performance. You can argue a case that neither criticism is accurate, but with amplification the HD595s handling of bass improves and the Sennheisers grow in terms of presence.

Weight 0.272 kg
Dimensions 1.016 x 2.54 x 26.416 cm