Shure N-WHLB


  • Form and Function: The striking visual design of the cartridge maintains the requirements for proper performance, sonic clarity, and record preservation.
  • Reliable electrical contact: Tonearm connector designed for most common turntables. Includes tension absorbing gasket, limiting abuse and damage caused by over – tightening of cartridge onto tonearm.
  • Adjustable Overhang (50 mm – 54 mm): Retains forward and backward adjustment of a standard headshell.
  • Forward-Mass Weight Displacement Design: Cartridge weight is displaced close to the cantilever for optimal performance.
  • mproved Stylus Visibility: Lets DJs see where they’re dropping the needle.
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Everybody’s been using Shure’s amazing Whitelabel cartridges, from digital DJs spinning timecode vinyl to old-school turntablists tearing up real records. Either way, you’ll be totally blown away by the enhanced performance you’ll get out of a new N-WHLB Whitelabel stylus. Right away, you’ll notice how much better your timecode tracks with a fresh N-WHLB stylus onboard, letting you pull off pin-point beat juggling tricks the way you’d expect them to go. And when it comes to music playback, a new N-WHLB stylus will give you clearer highs, present mids, and the atomic bass you can only get from a Shure Whitelabel cartridge.

Weight 0.362 kg
Dimensions 6.35 x 4.318 x 7.62 cm