Course Name: The complete DJ course

Instructor: Syncosis

Course introduction:

This course will allow you to build the skills of a professional dj, from preparing your playlists to performing a professional harmonic mix using any dj set and playing any genre for any occasion.

This course comprises theoretical, technical and practical flows, and will help you kick start a professional DJ career.

Level: Beginner & Advanced

Number of Sessions: 15

Session Time: 1.75 Hrs

Total Time: 26 Hrs

Number of Students: 2

Frequency: 2 sessions per week every wednesday and saturday at 6:30

Price: 2,000,000 LL

Pricing plan: 1000,000 LL before the 1st session 1000,000 LL after the 7th session

Course plan: 2 months

Course Curriculum:

Music overview

The story of music

Music evolution

Music genres

The 7 elements of music

Musical instruments categories

Track structure

Song edits

Introduction to audio

Characteristics of sound

Audio formats

Audio quality and resolution

Organization and Preparation

Gathering music for playlists

Organization and management of music library

DJ software

Rekordbox overview

How to prepare a professional set

Harmonic Mixing

What is an octave

Note names

What is a scale

Measurement between notes


Minor and major scales

Overview of mixed in key

The Camelot wheel

Analyzing key in different software

Arrange the set harmonically

Harmonic mixing psychology

Introduction to energy

Control energy

DJ Overview

The story of disk jockey

DJ fields

DJ mission

The different type of performances

DJ equipment

Machines evolution

The mixer

Additional machines for effects

Machine overview

Back to back mixing

4 decks mixing

Set up equipment and routing

Speakers overview

Amplifier overview

Headphones overview

Differences between small and big events surround systems


Counting the beat

Advanced counting

Beatmatching concept

Controlling tempo

DJs beatmatching mistakes

Headphones and monitors beatmatching

Controlling queue volume

Synchronization and quantization

Sync mistakes and beat grid

Advanced beatmaching

Mixing point

Tracks splitting

Finding the mixing point

Set memories

Play pressing and delay fixing

Different music genres mixing points

Under Air

Choosing the sequence of tracks (upcoming track after the one being played)

Checking the track being played

Starting point

Trim control

Frequencies overview

Humans and frequencies conversation

Humans hearing

Introduction to equalizer

Mastering overview

Professional equalization

Volume faders

Crossfader curves

Crossfader mixing

Professional Mixing

Screen monitoring (time remaining…)

Get rid of traps

Quantized action

Advanced volume and EQ mixing

Rising and falling








Color FX

Beat FX

Tap, quantize, time

Controlling the percentage of effect applied

Effects tricks

Professional use of FX

Advanced DJ skills

Create a drop

Hot cues performance


Mash up

Practicing session

Night mode with lighting experience

Recording a set

Music business

Difference between music and music business

Education and updating your learning

Planning and creating the blueprint

Name and logo

Social media professional accounts

Social media posts

Dealing with haters

Music promotions

Crowd control

Where to invest and where not to




Set recording